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InfoCast Systems responds to the needs of the telecommunications sector around the world with solutions that cover infrastructure, cabling and connections, and the security of the cell sites and other critical structures.

  • Wireless connections for operators (Fiber Space Optics, Backhaul radio, Microwave antennas)

  • Antenna Alignment

  • Physical security of sensitive sites and premises


The energy sector by definition is one of the most vital in the world, with complex and sophisticated operations and processes that have an impact on national as well as global economy. InfoCast Systems caters to this sector with the following systems:

  • Facilitation of high-volume distribution and fleet management

  • Pipeline, storage, refinery and asset monitoring and protection

  • High temperature-resistant equipment

  • Robust connectivity with onshore/offshore sites


InfoCast Systems’ portfolio of physical security systems assist the authorities in tasks pertaining to law enforcement and criminal justice through a broad spectrum of functions essential to security in urban centers, border areas, and strategic sites.

  • Surveillance and threat-detection

  • Evidence gathering

  • Law enforcement in urban and rural areas

  • Border control

  • Protection of sensitive documents and information

  • Reliable connectivity


In seeking to achieve a competitive edge, public and private institutions of all sizes are fundamentally in need for superior technology that mirrors or surpasses the latest innovations in the world’s markets. In such pursuit, the solutions offered by InfoCast Systems pose as a one-stop platform that addresses all such requirements:

  • Physical Security

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Asset Management



Education and healthcare facilities and campuses are some of the most essential structures within any urban center, requiring round-the-clock protection, monitoring and connectivity. InfoCast Systems’ solutions cater to these requirements with tailored systems that assist in:

  • Campus and hospital protection

  • Tracking and monitoring of staff, pupils and assets

  • Credentials-based access control and intrusion detection

  • Protection of confidential data

  • Restriction of access to vital equipment and hazardous areas

  • Monitoring of activities


Bearing in mind the demanding and highly secure environments terminals and ports are designed to be, InfoCast Systems offers solutions that ensure unrelenting detection and monitoring against intrusions and security breaches:

  • Flawless inspections of individuals, vehicles and cargo

  • Detection of customs evasion, contraband and under-declarations

  • Full perimeter security

  • Tracking of fixed and mobile assets

  • Reliable connectivity

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