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Solutions: Home & Personal


As technology evolves around the world, so do threats, and it is becoming an increasingly indispensable need of public and private institutions to have the sufficient means to protect their teams and assets. We at InfoCast Systems have recognized this to be an essential and integral part of operations for organizations of different expanses and orientations, and have therefore devised a range of top-notch physical security solutions that tackle all aspects of identification, access control, screening, surveillance and fire safety. Our solutions are customized to fit the hardware and software infrastructure and any existing legacy systems in use by our clients, and are installed and maintained by InfoCast Systems’ team of certified experts. At InfoCast Systems, we believe that security is the foundation on which excellence is built.

We offer to our clients the following physical security instruments:

  • Video Surveillance

  • Fire Detection

  • Perimeter Security

  • Metal Detectors

  • X-Ray Scanners

  • Access Control

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Fingerprint Identification

  • Face Recognition

  • Turnstiles


Reliable, advanced and high-speed connectivity is no longer a matter of luxury, but rather necessity. In today’s connected world, enterprises that suffer from downtimes, services lapse or operational interruptions are essentially exposed to both internal and external performance issues that compromise collaboration and delivery of results. Bearing this in mind, we at InfoCast Systems offer innovative, integrative and industrial-strength IT and network infrastructure components engineered to ensure the reliability of your services and the effectiveness of your operations. The IT & Network Infrastructure division at InfoCast Systems relies on superior technology enhanced and delivered to each client in accordance with their requirements.

We offer to our clients the following IT & Network Infrastructure instruments:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Antennas (WiFi, 3G GSM, 4G LTE, Point-to-Point, City-Wide Area Coverage)

  • Antenna Sensors

  • Antenna Alignment Hardware

  • Data Network

  • Voice Network

  • IPTV

  • Virtualization

  • E-Document Security

  • Computer/Server/Storage Systems (HP, CISCO, Dell)

  • Application Solutions


In an enterprise environment, monitoring and locating assets is a critical managerial function that requires utmost accuracy and reliability of the systems in use. InfoCast Systems therefore addresses the vitality of these tasks with a fleet management system equipped with state-of-the-art, GPS-based technology to track, monitor and keep a record of the movement of mobile assets, such as vehicles of all types and containers. The system detects and records vehicle speed, timestamps, trip history and ignition status toward improving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with policies and standards down to the last mile. Similarly, InfoCast Systems offers individual location-based solutions that assist families in tracking the monitoring of children and the elderly. Furthermore, under its Tracking & Asset Management division, InfoCast Systems offers comprehensive RTLS and asset management systems that assists in the real-time location of assets and individuals within an organization, encompassing a wide variety of tools that provide the management with accurate and reliable information about the whereabouts, assignees and status of listed assets.


 We offer to our clients the following Tracking & Asset Management instruments:

  • RTLS & Asset Tracking

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Personal Tracking

  • Fleet Management


As urban development accelerates around the world, and particularly the Middle East, and taking into consideration the challenges of effectively and efficiently managing large structures with different accessibility and plots, the need arises now as ever for an intelligent solution that facilitates or restricts access according to specific policies. For that, InfoCast Systems offers advanced, durable and effective bollards, gates and barriers, which ensure a hassle-free environment, and provide for the smooth operations within any premises, irrespective of traffic density or size. In addition to the former, InfoCast Systems offers an advanced automated parking management system, which is designed to streamline and route vehicle movement within an allocated parking space in a manner that minimizes space occupation to the least possible per vehicle.


We offer to our clients the following Parking Solutions instruments:

  • Automated Parking Management

  • Gates & Barriers

  • Bollards

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